Types of leather bags

Leather wallet

The wallet is available in different types of leather and can be opened and closed in the form of a zipper, or a button. They have a space allocated for keeping cash, credit card or pictures in small sizes.

Leather purse

Designed to be worn with ball gowns and formal wear. These bags are very diverse and are available in different designs and colors. Such bags have a long and adjustable strap for the shoulder. It has an even and well-ordered stitching with high-quality materials.

Leather shoulder bag

These bags often have long strap and you can use them as cross-body or parallel to the body. Closing these bags can be with the zipper, magnet or lock. They are the best for daily use as they are very light.

Leather office bags

These bags have two very durable handles for carrying bags, as well as an adjustable and detachable long shoulder strap to place the bag on the shoulder. These types of office bags are suitable for work environments. There is a space inside these bags for papers and documents as well as personal items.

Leather handbag

It is the most common model of bag that is suitable for everyday use. They have a inner and outer pockets as well as a shoulder strap which is adjustable and detachable made of leather.

Leather backpack

mostly used for school and university and carrying items such as laptops. These types of backpacks have inner and outer pockets for keeping students’ ID cards, pens and pencils.

Leather waist bag

These bags are made of original and beautiful leather and are suitable for people who carry a lot of items with them. These types of bags have a waist strap which is adjustable with the size of your waist.

Leather document bag

This bag has medium dimensions and can be easily held in the hand and there is also a strap for this bag that can be used to carry the bag with your hand.

Leather sports bags

These bags are produced with a lot of space with a lot of pockets on them. There is also a divider inside the bag to put accessories. These bags have a strap to be carried on the shoulder as well as two handles.