Types of Leather shoes

Flat leather shoes

The upper and inner sole of the shoes are made of natural leather and its appropriate and standard design gives a comfortable feeling to your feet.

High heels

This model is available in various heels and designs such as sharp heels, high heels, short heels, etc. The inner cover of this model of shoes is made of soft materials so that you feel comfortable while walking.

Leather boots and ankle boots

They are very popular and are used in autumn and winter, and are available in different designs and colors. Leather ankle boots are produced in both zippers and belts.

Leather sandals

Leather sandals are a beautiful and durable example of a variety of shoes that have received attention due to their eye-catching beauty. These sandals have a leather upper, ergonomic insole and a very strong structure, and are available in both open-toe and closed-toe shoes.

Leather medical shoes

These shoes prevent back pain and skin diseases such as fungus and foot smell because it has a suitable sole and leather upper. They have enough flexibility to take the shape of the soles of the feet, thus preventing fatigue and pain in the legs and back.