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Our Company has a powerful and extensive team throughout Iran in order to gain the trust of customers to experience a safe purchase.

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Mehr Leather

Mehr Leather Trading Company has entered the market with production and export of leather products such as bags and shoes with decades of experience. Using high-quality natural materials and using the most advanced technology in the world, Mehr Leather Trading Company produces and offers various, unique products based on customer tastes. Having an active and successful presence in recent years and observing international standards has convinced the world’s top brands to work with this company, and due to the popularity of this brand, it has become known as the largest company to offer leather products such as bags and shoes internationally. Mehr Leather uses the highest quality raw materials to produce its products tailored to customers’ demand, and by strengthening online sales for ease of purchase, offers all its leather products to customers with after-sales services.

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Customer satisfaction is essential for any company, and our company also has high customer satisfaction.

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Our Company has a strong and extensive team throughout Iran in order to gain the trust of customers to experience a safe purchase.

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